Hazmix™ Databases

Hazmix™ is unique in bringing together a powerful combination of Classification algorithms for Supply (CLP) and Transportation and intelligence based SMART logic with access to high quality chemical data bases.
The databases include the following:
  • ECHA’s extensive on-line Registration (50,405 dossiers on 13,052 substances as of April 2015) and Classification (116,000 substances) are made available through Wiki-based deep web spiders. Rest assured that all access has been formally approved by ECHA.
  • GlobalMSDS Ltd’s extensive internal database of thousands of global chemical regulations using Wiki-based search by substance, CAS number, regulation, topic and country. These have been extracted from the internet by GlobalMSDS Ltd. and are maintained free of charge.
  • Occupational Exposure Limits set by 59 Countries and Biological Exposure Indices set by 8 countries across the world with Wiki indexing to extensive CAS number listings for generic entries.

Why do we make access free?

Access to the chemical databases within Hazmix™ is completely free to all users whether or not you actually buy the SDS output. You may ask yourself why we are making access free. Are we mad since other service providing companies are providing the same or lesser information at high cost? We took this approach because we are acutely aware that much of the data we are presenting is already freely available on the internet if you only knew where to find it. We have decided to share our 35 years of managing Global Chemical Regulatory Compliance, in major chemical companies across the world, with other companies to raise the quality of hazard and risk communication within the industry and associated supply chain in the belief that if you prosper, so will we.

Is the information reliable and current?

We recognise that maintaining databases is a major undertaking not to be taken lightly. Indeed, the moment that you extract information from source into a database it is frozen in time. We also recognise that many databases contain chemical data that is of uncertain origin and reliability. So, if you are making decisions based upon this data, that may have implications for Product Liability, you should be concerned as to its reliability.
With the implementation of the REACH regulation there is a legal obligation for the Lead Registrant to maintain the registration up-to-date and in line with the state of knowledge. Consequently, the REACH Registered Substances database represents one of the, if not the, most comprehensive on-line database of reliable physical-chemical, mammalian and environmental toxicology data on chemical substances, Since we do not extract data from this source and only present it in real-time to the Hazmix™ user, it is always as current as its source.

The databases that GlobalMSDS Ltd. has independently developed including the following:

  • Occupational Exposure Limits in 59 countries and Biological Exposure Indices in 8 countries are maintained in good faith and GlobalMSDS Ltd. makes reasonable efforts to ensure that these are faithful representations of the source regulations which are also provided so as to enable users to independently confirm the veracity of the information being presented.
  • The database of over 10,000 Global Chemical regulations has been extracted directly from the internet and GlobalMSDS Ltd makes no representations as to their reliability. Users of this free service should refer to source authority/agency for any restrictions or limitations.
  • The phrase database containing over 8900 phrases in 35 languages has been compiled by GlobalMSDS Ltd. over its 15 years of incorporation using a combination of official sources (national regulations) and in-house and external professional multilingual translation services. GlobalMSDS Ltd. takes great pride in the quality of its translations but does not warranty them since users should recognise that suitability of expressions may vary depending upon the context and gender, and that language is not an exact science with the preferred way of expressing meaning changing over time. GlobalMSDS Ltd. will always respond favourably to suggestions of more appropriate phraseology and maintain the phrase database accordingly.


Diamond Standard

Diamond Standard

Is your SDS service provider software fit-for-purpose?

Divergent implementation of GHS has led to a complex picture of country specific SDS (structure, classification rules and H&P statements).

Most SDS authoring software fail to meet these requirements and produce SDS that are not compliant.

Download the zip pack and follow the instructions to test your SDS authoring system using the ‘Diamond Standard’.

Visit Diamond Standard

ITN Showcase

Global MSDS Ltd was showcased as a leading company in the field of SDS production in the programme developed by
ITN Productions and the Chemical industry Association (CIA). The programme, introduced by National newsreader Natasha Kaplinsky, featured key industry interviews and news-style reports and identified GMSD Ltd as a cutting edge company that used latest technologies to deliver high quality Chemical Safety Data Sheets.

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Free access to Chemical Regulations recognised by United Nations

HazMix® continues to grow with even more functionality.


Global MSDS Ltd. database of National and International Regulations relating to chemicals and chemical-based products has been given free of charge to the chemicals’ community.
This initiative has been recognised by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) under their Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP)


ChemReg.net is a database of over 27,000 Global Chemical regulations from over 133 countries developed by Global MSDS Ltd. It is searchable in any language, and you can Read, Print and Download regulations in any one of 113 languages. There is no need to register, and it is completely FREE. Watch this space for awareness of new chemical regulations impacting your products (RegsAware).

Go to https://chemreg.net/

Global MSDS Ltd and Hazmix® - working to grow your business.



Winner of Product Services Supplier to the Chemical Industry – delivering high quality SDS in worldwide formats and languages

Chem North West winner - Product Services Supplier to the Chemical Industry Chem North West winner - Product Services Supplier to the Chemical Industry

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The deadline for UK registration, evaluation, authorisation and restriction of chemicals (REACH) has been extended. This means that the new deadlines will be October 2026, October 2028 and October 2030.This is a welcome reprieve for many companies facing the challenge of registering its chemicals under UK REACH. REACH registration is a time consuming and costly business. If you are an imported into the UK of chemicals that require registration, have you considered Registration within the supply chain as an alternative to registration? For more information see REACH Trustee Service, a valuable new service that has been established for the Chemicals' supply chain. more..

From January 1 2021 chemicals or mixtures placed on the GB market must conform to GB (Great Britain) CLP classification and labelling. This applies to England, Scotland and Wales. However, in Northern Ireland, EU CLP still applies. As of January 1 2023 the new format SDS for Great Britain must be followed. Prepare your new format GB CLP compliant SDS within HazMix. more..


Contact us for the latest specialist advice and assistance on classification of your chemical mixtures.

ECHA Reach Ready MSDS

HazMix® users benefit from ECHA approved Wiki access via deep web-spiders to Registration Data on over 26,000 unique substances from over 105,000 dossiers using deep web-spider technology. This real-time access provides the very latest physical-chemical and hazard data on chemicals. HazMix® classification wizard also benefits from access to over 27,000 current ECHA GHS (REACH), 14,300 CLP, GHS and OSHAGHS classifications, over 217,000 C&L inventory classifications (made directly accessible via wiki) and Transportation wizard to include latest modal regulations.

ECHA Reach Ready MSDS

Cloud based access to other Hazmix mixture and substance classifications combined with ability to create your own e.g. from supplier’s SDS. Full classification functionality for CLP, GHS and OSHA including conc. Limits and M factors wired into SMART logic wizard for Supply classification according to the global regulations.


HazMix® is an “expert tool” that has been made easy to use for the non-expert.

Use our Hazmix® SMART logic wizard for reliable classification of your complex mixtures for CLP, GHS, OSHA GHS and all other global regulations or receive specialist advice and assistance from our in-house, experienced Toxicologist and Regulatory experts.

ECHA Reach Ready MSDS

The intuitive interface within Hazmix® gives total flexibility linking classification of physical-chemical properties by intelligence-based decision pathways as well as tox and ecotoxicity properties using SMART logic algorithms based upon mixtures rules, with to our 27,000 ECHA GHS classifications and tens of thousands of CLP, GHS and OSHA GHS classifications. Over-rides allow for expert intervention and data content to be adding via deep web spiders to ECHA registration data on over 26,000 unique substances from over 105,000 dossiers. This database compliments the comprehensive database (CAS indexed) of Occupational Exposure Limits set by 60 Countries and Biological Exposure Indices set by 9 countries across the world already freely available within Hazmix®.


Contact us for the latest specialist advice and assistance on transportation of your chemicals.


SMART logic wizard for Transportation reflecting the latest ADR, IATA and EAC updates as well as North American NA codes for domestic NA transportation. Full classification logic developed in conjunction with our in-house DGSA for all 9 transport classes. Intuitive interface giving total flexibility allows for both wild card searching of PSN or rule driven classification based upon supply classification and GMSDS’s SMART logic algorithms to deliver the most comprehensive information in section 14 of the SDS.

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Chemical data


ECHA’s strategic plan for 2019-2023, as part of the SVHC Roadmap, focused on the safe and sustainable use of chemicals by industry and sustainable management of chemicals through the implementation of EU legislation and involvement of actors within the supply chain. The SDS and exposure scenarios play an important role in this vision.more...

ECHA’s target is to assess all registered substances by 2027 so keeping on top of new hazard data and chemical classifications is critical to accurately classifying chemicals and mixtures. HazMix® users benefit from ECHA approved access to Registration Data on over 26,000 unique substances from over 105,000 dossiers using deep web-spider technology. This real-time access provides the very latest physical-chemical and hazard data on chemicals.

Latest technology drives down cost of multilingual SDS production in Global National formats.


Hazmix® is 9 yrs old and has more functionality than ever. Lowering the cost of SDS production even further.

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